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Pine bud picking weekend

4 - 6 May 2018

The pine bud is actually a herb, as it has a lot of beneficial effects on the human organism. In ancient times it was used for disinfection, and treatment of wounds. It also efficiently cures respiratory diseases, relieves cough and sore throat, soothes the respiratory system, strengthens the lungs, having an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It increases the body’s resistance, and it is an ideal therapy for cold.  The needles contain resin, minerals, vitamin C, B2, and K, carotenoids and essential oils. They contain six times more vitamin C, than the lemon.

We invite you to a pleasant walk to the Sâncraiu pine forest. You can not only enjoy bud picking, being in the nature, but you also can participate in preparing the syrup and you can take it home when leaving.


4th May  2018 – Friday

  • arrival in the afternoon, welcoming guests in Püspök Panzió.
  • accommodation and dinner at the rural pensions, getting acquainted with the hosts and the village


5th May  2018 – Saturday

  • Breakfast at the hosts
  • Horse-wagon trip to the nearby pine forest, picking pine buds
  • Lunch: outdoor picnic – barbecue and bacon, cheese
  • Back home in the afternoon, preparing the pine bud syrup
  • Dinner for the whole group together in Püspök Panzió, with authentic Kalotaszeg folk music (live), presenting the traditional folk costumes and dances


6th May  2018 – Sunday

  • Breakfast at the hosts
  • Weighing and bottling the syrup
  • Visiting the fortified Calvinist church (XIII. century)
  • Visiting the local museum with the so called "tisztaszoba” (clean room) and wood carving workshop
  • Departure


  • Accommodation, meals, 1L of syrup: 65 EUR / person, single room + 10 EUR/ person
  • Live traditional music and folk costumes and dance presentation: 195 EUR / group
  • Wagon ride: 40 EUR / wagon (max 6 person / wagon)



  • The accommodation and meals are provided by Hungarian families in Sâncraiu. There is usually one bathroom belonging to two room.
  • During their trips the tourists travel by their own vehicles.