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St. Stephen’s Day Folk Dance Festival

10 - 13 August 2018

The 20th of August is the day when Hungarian celebrate the founder of the Hungarian Kingdom, King St. Stephen (1000). The festival, organized around this date every year, takes place simultaneously in several localities in Cluj county. The main attraction are folk dance groups of national minorities, from different European countries. They present a rich sample of their costumes, dances and songs during the festival. The series of events ends in Sâncraiu.

The folk ensembles are expected at the end of the village by the local dance group: joined together they proceed through the locality, dancing and singing. After a short stop at the statue of St. Stephen, where local authorities welcome the guests, the procession ends with a gala ceremony on the stage mounted on the schoolyard.

The event presenting various cultures from over 8-10 countries attracts not only locals, but also those interested from the surrounding villages.