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Adventure trips; Nature discovery tours

Adventure trip

For this program we provide an experienced guide who has won several international sport competitions. János Török has achieved remarkable results in cross-country skiing, extreme skiing, rock climbing and ski mountaineering, and also won several national competitions. His last performance is climbing the 8125 m Nanga Parbat peak in the Himalayas, he reached to 7200 m.

1. Tracking, mountain hiking: Vlădeasa, Retezat, Făgăraş Mountains

2. Rock-climbing course (for beginners and advanced): Turda Gorge, Aiud Gorge, Bicaz Gorge

3. Mountain-bike tours: Apuseni Mountains, Vlădeasa area 

4. Basic ski and ski mountaneering: Vlădeasa, Harghita, Retezat, Făgăraş Mountains


- max. number of participants: 8 to 10 persons

- rock-climbing equipment provided

- for basic ski, ski mountaneering and mountain-bike tours please bring your own equipment

Price: 65 EUR/day ( guide services)

Nature discovery tours

These are guided by Mr. Török’s wife, Annamária, an ecologist – environmentalist. Our recommended programs are: plant and bird observation, collecting medicinal plants and mushrooms. For student groups we recommend: preparation and placement of bird shelters, learning orientation in the mountains (the use of maps and compass), night tours, flora of alpine bogs, etc.

1. Mountain arnica tour (one day by car) – getting to know the protected plants of the area

Time period: late June - mid July

2. Alpine turf bog tour

Period: June-August

3. Medicinal Plant Tour: getting to know the herbs and their use in folk medicine
Period: July-August

4. Night tours: star-gazing, listening to the sounds of the night forest, wildlife observation, etc.

Period: at any time (ideally from August to September)

Price: 65 EUR / day (guide services)